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Fó predicts: 6th place - Fylkir

Fylkir play the 4-3-3 system and one of the side’s main attributes is their passing style. They are a excellent passing side but their ruthlessnes in front of goal is often found wanting. Fylkir have lost more key players than any other Premiership club but have signed the likes of Peter Gravesen (brother of Thomas Gravesen) and goalkeeper Fjalar Þoreirsson from Throttur. The signings of Páll Gíslason and Jens Sævarsson from Throttur could also prove crucial.

Fylkir have new manager in Leifur Gardarson who can share his FH Hafnarfjördur experience (has been champions FH’s assistant manager the past few seasons) with the players. Fylkir play attractive football but that’s often not enough for success.

The players often try to pass the ball into the back of the net which often proves unsuccesful. The team has to be more direct in their attacking play.

Players to watch:
It will be interesting to watch Eyjólfur Hédinsson and Hrafnkell Helgason. Kjartan Breiddal is also a very promising player and can play as a full back or as a winger. Striker Christian Christiansen comes with experience from the Danish league. Gravesen has the potential to be the team leader.

Key player:
Gudni Rúnar Helgason is a player that has to step up to the plate and drive his teammates on. If Haukur Ingi Gudnason stays injury free he could become a real key player in the team.

Source: www.Fó

Fó predicts: 7th place - Víkingur Reykjavík

Víkingur Reykjavík are one of the two promoted sides and they did well in the Icelandic First Division last season. The teams characteristics is strength, togetherness and the fighting spirit. There are no stars in the side. Víkingur play the 4-4-2 system and have been good defensively in pre-season but the lack of goals is worrying.

The return of central defender Grétar Sigfinnur and midfielder Viktor Bjarki Arnarsson is a major reinforcment of the side.

The inexperience of the side in topflight football. Víkingur has good footballers but they are inexperience and they often lose games in the last minute.

Players to watch:
Viktor Bjarki is Víkingurs best player but he lacks consistency. Ingvar Kale is a promising goalkeeper who has been playing for the Iceland u-21 side.

Key players:
Grétar Sigfinnur, Viktor Bjarki and Ingvar Kale are the three key players for Víkingur.

Fó predicts: 8th place - ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar

ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar are not blessed with the best players in the league but they are very compact side. They play simple football which often gathers them points.
They had a very young side last season and it was a miracle that they succeded in avoiding relegation.

Their biggest advantage is their home stadium. The arrival of Danish striker Bo Henriksen is also a great coup as he is capable of scoring 8-12 goals in the league. If they sort out their defence and play it simple they can ruffle a few feathers.

The biggest weakness is the combination of the side combined with the age and the constant comings and goings of foreign players. Losing Ian Jeffs is a major blow for ÍBV but he was one of the best midfielders in the league last season – his loss will weaken the side.

Players to watch:
It will be interesting to follow Bo Henriksen and well as Bjarni Hólm. The same can be said about Atli Jóhannsson and Andri Ólafsson is a very promising player.

Key players:
Bo Henriksen is the key player for ÍBV. Andrew Mwesingwa is the Uganda captain and should be regarded as a key player also.

Source: www.Fó

Fó predicts: 9th place - Grindavík

Fó predict that Grindavík will finish in 9th place in the Icelandic Premiership and get relegated.

Grindavík begin every season as the dark horses in the league because of the fact that large numbers of players come and go after every season. Clubs like Grindavík, ÍBV, Keflavík and ÍA Akranes often base their success on homegrown players and quality foreign players who fit in well with the rest of the team.

The strength and the advantage of the Grindavík team is their home form. Its not easy to go to Grindavík and try to get the three points. There is a spark in the team. However their away form is often questionable and something they have to work on. They do however have great players like Sinisa Kekic and Óli Stefán Flóventsson who can change matches for them.

The apparent conveyor belt of foreigners coming into the side every season can disrupt the harmony in the side. I think they are thinking of buying more players which can go either way.

Players to watch:
Sinisa Kekic is a player that is wonderful to watch. Kekic is still one of the best players in the league even though he is now well over thirty years old. Paul McShane is also one of the players to watch in the team.

Key players:
Óli Stefán Flóventsson has been at Grindavík for a long time and the same can be said about Sinisa Kekic who is not only a good player but also a player with a heart of gold – those two are the key players.

Source: www.Fó

FH Hafnarfjördur predicted the title

The managers and captains of all the Icelandic Premiership clubs predict FH Hafnarfjördur to win the Icelandic Premiership in the annual Pre-Premiership prediction.

The Icelandic Premiership (Landsbankadeildin):

1. FH Hafnarfjördur 268 points
2-3. ÍA Akranes 247
2-3. KR Reykjavik 247
4. Valur 225
5. Keflavík 170
6. Fylkir 150
7-8. Breiðablik 91
7-8. Grindavík 91
9. ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar 82
10. Víkingur Reykjavík 79

Source: The Icelandic Football association (KSÍ)


Iceland has never made it to any big competition. Iceland has really never made any records at all, except trying to play father and son in the same match, but even that failed! In the late 90's we could have had father and son, twins and 3 brothers (and their father as a trainer) at once in the same team but it never materialized! That would surely be a record to put the Icelandic national team in the history books.

Icelandic people do not expect much from their national team, of course we want them to win, but most of all to fight and make us proud of who we are. Small nation, on a small cold island, positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When we loose, we say: Hey! They were much bigger than us! We really did not lose, considering total population in both nations! And in the same manner it makes us very proud to win!
Still, the best description in how we feel about our national team can be heard in our newest supporter's song… (That was loosely translated by Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson)

The wind came from wrong direction,
And it was hard to score
Because the forward panicked
When too many fans supported him!
Come on Iceland, come on Iceland, come on
Iceland… even though we are really bad!
The future is bright and hopefully we will qualify for one of the big competi-
tions in coming years. That would be major achievement for a nation with
fewer than 300.000 inhabitants.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.



The Icelandic national team has played total 320 matches in all competitions, whereas the first match was against the main rival, Denmark in 1946. Iceland lost 0-3. Of these 320 matches, only 86 (27%) has ended with Icelandic win, 56 (18%) have ended with draw and we do not mention the rest. Iceland and Netherlands have played each other 11 times. Iceland has managed to win once (a friendly game in 1961), twice it ended with draw and Netherlands won the rest (one went 8-1 in 1973!!!).
The worst/best moments in the history of the Icelandic national team are probably (WC-Q World Cup Qualifiers, EC-Q European Cup Qualifiers):

" Denmark 14-2 Iceland (Friendly 1967 - Nightmare and the very worst moment of Icelandic football!)
" Iceland 2-1 East Germany (EC-Q 1975 - The first win in a competition against relative big opponent)
" Iceland 0-0 France (EC-Q 1986 - Platini played this game with France!)
" Iceland 1-1 USSR (EC-Q 1986)
" Iceland 1-1 USSR (WC-Q 1988)
" USSR 1-1 Iceland (WC-Q 1989 - Remarkable results for a country with
total 275.000 residents!)
" Iceland 5-1 Turkey (Friendly 1991)
" Iceland 2-0 Spain (EC-Q 1991 - no comment, just fantastic)
" Hungary 1-2 Iceland (WC-Q 1992 - A rare away victory against relative
good opponent)
" Iceland 1-1 France (EC-Q 1998 - France first game after being World
" Iceland 1-0 Russia (EC-Q 1998 - somehow we have always performed
well against Russia and USSR))
" Ukraine 1-1 Iceland (EC-Q 1999 - This was when Dynamo Kiev where
one of the best team in Europe)
" Iceland 3-1 Czech Republic (WC-Q 2000 - This victory was almost to big
for Icelandic football to handle… we lost next game against N-Ireland 3-0 and
then 6-0 against Denmark!)
" Iceland 1-1 Germany (WC-Q 2003 - We where very unlucky with just one
point from this game! If we had won it had been Netherlands against Iceland
in the playoffs, not Scotland.)

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.

Albert Gudmundsson - the first Icelandic professional footballer - short review

Albert Gudmundsson was the first Icelandic footballer to play in a Arsenal jersey and also the first to become a professional footballer abroad. Gudmundsson was infact the only second foreigner to play for Arsenal but the first was a Dutch goalkeeper by the name of Gerry Keiser who played for the Gunners in the 1930/31 season.

The 22-year-old Gudmundsson caught the eyes of the Arsenal manager Tom Whittaker while the Icelander was playing for Glasgow Rangers during the Second World War. He played for Rangers because he was studying Business at Skerry’s-College in Glasgow.

He arrived at Highbury in the summer of 1946. Whittaker wanted to offer him a professional contract but Gudmundsson didnt have a work permit due to him having lived in Britain for under two years.

Italian giants AC Milan, recognized the Gudmundsson´s talents and offered him a professional contract. The charismatic Icelander played for the Milan club in 1948 but suffered a bad injury when he broke his knee in match against Lazio and the doctors gave him little chance of recovering. AC Milana thought the risk of a opperation was too high and refused to pay for it. Gudmundsson bought up his contract and had the opperation that turned out to be succesful.

Gudmundsson also enjoyed a illustrious career in France. He returned to Iceland to become a highly succesful politician.

Source: Wikipedia.

I would also like to thank dino baggio is god! for his information.


The best Icelandic players today is already mentioned Eiður Smári who plays for Chelsea. Another player that is worth of mention is Jóhannes Karl Guðjónsson who started his career here in Netherlands with RKC Waalwijk. The Icelandic eleven after the heavy storm of last winter

Later on, he moved to Real Betis, then to Aston Villa, but is now at Wolves. He has two brothers who also are professionals and play with Bochum in Germany. Their father, former national team manager, is now the manager of Barnsley in the English second division.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.

Risser gets the all clear to play for Breidablik

Icelandic Premiership club Breidablik have received the international clearence for Namibian defender Oliver Risser, reports Fó

The 25-year-old is expected to feature against Valur in the first day of the season on Monday.

Source: www.Fó

Tryggvason completes ÍR move

Throttur defender Ólafur Tryggvason has joined Icelandic 2nd Division club ÍR, reports Fó

The full-back scored 2 goals in 15 matches for Throttur in the Icelandic Premiership last season as the club got relegated to the first division.

Source: www.Fó

Grindavík suffer Stefánsson blow

celandic Premiership club Grindavík has suffered a blow to the start of the season campaign, reports Fó

The versatile Óli Stefán Flóventsson is suffereing from a minor knee injury and is expected to miss the first two matches of the season.

“I’ll definatly miss the first match against Akranes and I am not optimistic that I will be ready for the second league match against Fylkir," told Stefánsson Fó


SON AND SEN'SAlthough the training conditions in Iceland are not great, many Icelandic football players have done marvelous job as professionals in Europe and a local Icelandic team, ÍA Akranes almost became giant killer when they won their home match against Feyenoord in the UEFA competition in early 1990's!

Moreover, there has been a link between these teams through the years, because 3 players from ÍA Akranes have also played with Feyenoord; Pétur Pétursson and the twins Arnar and Bjarki Gunnlaugssons's. Pétur Pétursson, enjoyed probably the best time with Feyenoord where he scored 49 goals and played alongside famous Dutch players like Ruud Gullit and Peter Houtman.

Eiður Smári Gudjohnsen is another Icelandic player who enjoyed good time in Netherlands where he played with PSV Eindhoven in the attack along with Ronaldo.
However he got injured and that ended his time with PSV. Today he is, without any doubt, the most talented Icelandic player. Other famous Icelandic players, past and present are e.g.: Albert Guðmundsson who was the first Icelandic professional and played with Arsenal, Fc Paris and AC Milan long ago. Jóhannes Eðvaldsson who played with Celtic. His brother Atli Eðvaldsson who played with Dortmund, Dusseldorf . Arnór Gudjohnsen, the father of Eiður Smári, had a superb career with Anderlecht and Bordeaux. Ásgeir Sigurvinsson, who was probably the best Icelandic player ever.

Natural left winger and made his name playing for Stuttgart in Germany. He was even offered West-German citizenship so he could play for West-Germany, but refused it. Eyjólfur Sverrisson is another Icelandic player who also played for Stuttgart. But later on in his career he played with Besiktas and Hertha Berlin where he finally blossomed.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Toeter. 2003.