Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Viking invasion

British clubs are investing heavily into Icelandic youth football these days which surely will only improve the quality of the players. Today eight players from the age 16 to 21 are playing for various youth and reserve teams across England and north of the border in Scotland the number slightly lower or five players.

18 year old midfielder Bjarni Thor Vidarsson made the bench for Everton in the league game against Newcastle last month at St. James´s Park and is predicted to have great future ahead of him the game. So to 18 year old Rurik Gislason at Charlton and 19 year old Teddy Bjarnason at Celtic. It will be interesting to follow these lads in the future, they may make it or they may not. But one things for sure, the numbers will get higher. Here is the full list: (Icelandic owned club Stoke City has no Icelandic youth players amongst their ranks).

Rurik Gislason (88)– Charlton
Bjarni Thor Vidarsson (88) – Everton
Thordur Ingason (88) – Everton
Emil Hallfredsson (84) – Tottenham
Bjorn Orri Hermannsson (89) – Ipswich Town
Oskar Petursson (89) – Ipswich Town
Viktor Unnar Illugason (90) – Ipswich Town
Gylfi Sigurdsson (89) – Reading

Theodor Elmar Bjarnason (87) - Celtic
Kjartan Henry Finnbogason (86) – Celtic
Hjalmar Thorarinsson (86) – Hearts
Eggert Gunnthor Jonsson (88) – Hearts
Haraldur Bjornsson (89) - Hearts


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