Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The best ever - # 10. Atli Edvaldsson - Part 2

Edvaldsson was sold to Bayern Uerdingen in 1985 but never found his rythm at the club, scoring only 9 goals in three Bundesliga seasons. The striker left Bayern Uerdingen in 1989 to try his luck in the Turkish Premiership, with Besiktas. He only played one season in Turkey before returning back to Iceland.

Edvaldsson is a ´Valsari´ (the term used for Valur supporters) but nontheless he is hated by most Valur supporters. He himself says he’s a ´KR-ingur´ (the term used for KR Reykjavík supporters) because he played for KR for a while and later managed them to become Icelandic Champions after nearly thirty years of title-drought.

The charismatic striker is one of the best ever header of the ball in the history of Icelandic football, he was just awesome in the air. One time during his Dortmund stint he scored 5 goals in one match, 4 goals were from headers. Incredible.

Edvaldssson was a magnificent captain and a team great leader. He could play every position on the pitch and was a great servant for the Iceland national side.

Edvaldsson was the first foreigner to become topscorer in the German Bundesliga.

He scored 8 goals in 70 internationals for Iceland.


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