Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The best ever - # 3 Eyjólfur Sverrisson

Dino Baggio is god! continues his review of the best ever Icelandic footballers:

3. Eyjólfur Sverrisson – Believe it or not but he’s not played in the Icelandic Premiership. He went straight from small club Tindastoll in Iceland to German giants Stuttgart. Sverrisson played mainly as a striker during the first few years of his career. He exceeded all expectations at Stuttgart and played over hundred games for the club. He managed to win the German Bundesliga.

In 1995 he followed his Stuttgart manager Christophe Daum to Turkey to play for Besiktas. He managed to be top goalscorer for the club and win the league during his Besiktas stint. Next stop was Germany again when he was brought in to be a part of a building process at prestigue club Hertha Berlin which had enjoyed a lean spell in German football during that time. When Sverrisson arrived at Hertha Berlin the club was lingering in the 2. Bundesliga but when he left eight years later the club had taken part in the UEFA Cup several times and once in the Champions League. Sverrisson had then captained the side for many years.

A truly great career. It´s worth noting that Sverrisson also had the chance to become a professional basketball player but chose football instead.


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