Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The best ever - # 5. Arnór Guðjohnsen

4. Arnór Guðjohnsen – A scorer of great goals rather than a great goalscorer. Mainly employed as a forward or attacking midfielder by his managers. He started his professional football career at Belgian club Lokeren before moving to Anderlecht where he enjoyed his best spell in the game. Arnór played his best football while at Anderlecht. During this time, the Belgian league was considered one of the best league in the world and Arnor managed to become the leagues top goalscorer and being voted the player of the year in Belgium. He was also in the Anderlecht side that reached the UEFA Cup finals against Tottenham. The game was decided in penalty kicks where Arnór failed to score and Anderlecht lost the game.

Next stop was Bordeaux in France. The forward did quite well at the club, being top goalscorer in a side that included the likes of Zinedine Zidane. After the one season at Bordeaux he tried his luck in Sweden where he played as a king for Hacken and later Örebro. During his time in Sweden he was awesome to watch at times and was eventually voted the best ever foreign player to play in Allsvenskan (the top league in Sweden). Arnór enjoyed a successful international career as well. His best international game was aginst Turkey in 1991 where Arnór managed to score 4 goals (three of those were headers). An amazing career which could have been even more amazing.


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