Friday, May 05, 2006

The best ever - # 7. Hermann Hreidarsson

7. Hermann Hreidarsson – A footballer who always fights for his team and is quite insane at times it has to be said – a characteristic that often can be said about people coming from the Vestmann Islands.

Hreidarsson left ÍBV as a 24 year old in 1997, joining English Premiership side Crystal Palace. I personally didn’t expect much from him as he had often been the weak link in defence in internationals for Iceland. He looked very clumsy and uncomfortable on the ball. But of course he had his strengths also. He managed to go straight into the Palace first team but of course there were highs and lows during the first season in England. He managed to scored an own goal at Old Trafford in one of his first matches but he rectified that by marking Ian Wright and Dennis Bergkamp out of a game against Arsenal at Highbury causing Wright to get in a little fight with Hreidarsson. Palace were relegated that season and Hreidarsson left the club. He managed to play in all of the divisions in the English League. He played for Wimbledon, Brentford, Ipswich and finally Charlton where he plays now. He is a important first team player at Charlton and is regarded as a good Premiership player.

Hreidarsson has been captain for Charlton of late and that says a lot about his position within the club. Hreidarsson has improved his game a lot since he left Iceland in 1997 and his career is quite remarkable. For example he was not rated as a youth player in Iceland and didn’t excel for any youth team. He has had to work hard and is therefore a goos rolemodel.

He always works hard for the Iceland national side and one can see how much he cares for his country. A class player who I wish we had more of in the national side.


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