Sunday, May 07, 2006

The best ever - # 8. Sigurdur Jónsson

Dino Baggio is god! continues his review of the best ever Icelandic footballers:

8. Sigurdur Jónsson - He is one of many Akranes players who have become succesful footballers in Europe. It became apparant fairly quickly that Jónsson was exceptional talent. At the age of 16 he made his Akranes debut. If it was not for his long periods of injuries he would probably be ranked higher of my list of the best ever Icelandic footballers. The beginning of Jónsson's injury nightmare was when Scottish hardman Graeme Souness slided in with a disgusting tackle on the Icelander in a international game in the eighties. Jónsson had done a trick on Souness by passing the ball trough the legs of the Scottish midfielder at the Laugardalsvöllur Stadium in Iceland. Everybody knows that Souness is insane.

Jónsson was soon beginning to attract scouts from all round Europes because of his talents and was one of the most sought of the young midfielder in Europe. A goal against the England U-19s from 35 meters did his chances no harm. The story goes, after that game a agent from a big English club went into the Iceland U-19s dressing room and offered the talented youngster a contract. Jónsson feeling pretty good with himself and pretty high on scoring a wondergoal aganst England stuffed the contract in his mouth, chewed on it and spit it out. However, he signed for English club Sheffield Wednesday (a big club in England back then) couple of days later.

Jónsson played for Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley and did ok before moving to Highbury to join English giants Arsenal managed then by none other than George Graham. His Arsenal career was frustrating, injuries began to take it's toll and he only played over twenty games scoring one goal. After that he tried his luck in Sweden and Scotland, and had moved from playing in midfield into the sweeper role which he did brilliantly.

Jónsson returned home and is a pretty good manager today. Jónsson played many memorable internationals for Iceland. When the Iceland national side peaked in 1998, Siggi Jónsson and Eyjólfur Sverrisson were in the heart of the Iceland defence and no missed Gudni Bergsson back then.

A classy player!


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I remember Siggi. Good player in those days he was.



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