Monday, May 08, 2006

The best ever - # 9. Pétur Pétursson

9. Pétur Pétursson – Another one of those Akranes boys. Pétursson had set a scoring record in the Icelandic Premiership as 19 year old by scoring 19 goals in 17 league matches in 1979, the year before he scored 16 league goals in 18 league matches for Akranes as a 18-year-old. In total 35 goals in 35 matches. After setting the goalscoring record in Iceland he was one of the sought after youngsters in Europe and he decided to join Dutch giants Feyenoord. He started the first season in great form and scored 23 league goals in 33 league games. At one time during his Feyenoord career he was way ahead of every one else in the goalscoring chart of the Dutch league and at one point he had scored the most goals in Europe and the European Golden Boot was in sight but he had a dip in form in the final matches.

His goalscoring record for Feyenoord was quite good; 49 league goals in 88 league matches. He however like so many Icelandic footballers made the wrong choice. He joined Belgian sides Anderlecht and Antwerp but his strike rate had rapidly decreased as he netted only 17 goals 71 league matches in Belgium. He joined Spanish side Hercules in 1985 but never reached the form he reached at Feyenoord. So you could say he just faded into obscurity; and returned back to Iceland in the eighties.

Pétursson would probably be higher on my list had he not began to slowly drift away so early in his career. His professional career finished at the age of thirty.

Pétursson played with Icelandic clubs KR Reykjavík, ÍA Akranes and Tindastóll in the final years of his career. He was a divine goalscorer but a poor manager as later turned out.

Pétursson scored 11 goals in 41 internationals for Iceland.


At 8/5/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hvað með Albert Guðmdsson? Hefði haldið að hann væri meðal þeirra tíu bestu. Hann var allaveg nógu góður til að komast í AC Milan.

At 9/5/06, Blogger admin said...

Sá sem þetta gerði ákvað að sleppa leikmönnum fyrir 1970


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