Friday, May 05, 2006

Farewell to Stoke City

As the Icelandic owners of Stoke City prepare to hand over the keys to the Staffordhire club to Norwegian business tycoon Öystein Stray Spetalen the word ´naivity´ springs to mind when describing Stoke Holding SA’s tenure at the club.

Stoke Holding SA has made decisions during the tenure that have been highly questionable and quite incredibly naive. That comes from the fact that those running the club have no football background whatsoever and their inability to listen to those with the required football background; the managers.

These decision are all highly questionable:

The five year plan/the sales of Peter Thorne and Graham Kavanagh to Cardiff/the sacking of Gudjon Thordarson after steering the club to promotion/not investing in Icelandic youth/the constant buying of poor Icelandic players/the handling of the Steve Cotterill affair/the failure to agree terms with Icelandic international Heidar Helguson in the summer 2004/the sacking of Tony Pulis/the appointment of Johan Boskamp/the child-like relationship with the English contingent on the Stoke City board of directors.

It is believed that Spetalen will opt for a fairly big managerial appointment.

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At 5/5/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never understood that during the 7 years no Icelandic youngster has been signed by Stoke. Quite unbelievable really.

At 5/5/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please let it be true! :-)

At 5/5/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where does this information come from??


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