Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fó predicts: 6th place - Fylkir

Fylkir play the 4-3-3 system and one of the side’s main attributes is their passing style. They are a excellent passing side but their ruthlessnes in front of goal is often found wanting. Fylkir have lost more key players than any other Premiership club but have signed the likes of Peter Gravesen (brother of Thomas Gravesen) and goalkeeper Fjalar Þoreirsson from Throttur. The signings of Páll Gíslason and Jens Sævarsson from Throttur could also prove crucial.

Fylkir have new manager in Leifur Gardarson who can share his FH Hafnarfjördur experience (has been champions FH’s assistant manager the past few seasons) with the players. Fylkir play attractive football but that’s often not enough for success.

The players often try to pass the ball into the back of the net which often proves unsuccesful. The team has to be more direct in their attacking play.

Players to watch:
It will be interesting to watch Eyjólfur Hédinsson and Hrafnkell Helgason. Kjartan Breiddal is also a very promising player and can play as a full back or as a winger. Striker Christian Christiansen comes with experience from the Danish league. Gravesen has the potential to be the team leader.

Key player:
Gudni Rúnar Helgason is a player that has to step up to the plate and drive his teammates on. If Haukur Ingi Gudnason stays injury free he could become a real key player in the team.

Source: www.Fó


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