Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fó predicts: 7th place - Víkingur Reykjavík

Víkingur Reykjavík are one of the two promoted sides and they did well in the Icelandic First Division last season. The teams characteristics is strength, togetherness and the fighting spirit. There are no stars in the side. Víkingur play the 4-4-2 system and have been good defensively in pre-season but the lack of goals is worrying.

The return of central defender Grétar Sigfinnur and midfielder Viktor Bjarki Arnarsson is a major reinforcment of the side.

The inexperience of the side in topflight football. Víkingur has good footballers but they are inexperience and they often lose games in the last minute.

Players to watch:
Viktor Bjarki is Víkingurs best player but he lacks consistency. Ingvar Kale is a promising goalkeeper who has been playing for the Iceland u-21 side.

Key players:
Grétar Sigfinnur, Viktor Bjarki and Ingvar Kale are the three key players for Víkingur.


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