Thursday, May 11, 2006


Iceland has never made it to any big competition. Iceland has really never made any records at all, except trying to play father and son in the same match, but even that failed! In the late 90's we could have had father and son, twins and 3 brothers (and their father as a trainer) at once in the same team but it never materialized! That would surely be a record to put the Icelandic national team in the history books.

Icelandic people do not expect much from their national team, of course we want them to win, but most of all to fight and make us proud of who we are. Small nation, on a small cold island, positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When we loose, we say: Hey! They were much bigger than us! We really did not lose, considering total population in both nations! And in the same manner it makes us very proud to win!
Still, the best description in how we feel about our national team can be heard in our newest supporter's song… (That was loosely translated by Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson)

The wind came from wrong direction,
And it was hard to score
Because the forward panicked
When too many fans supported him!
Come on Iceland, come on Iceland, come on
Iceland… even though we are really bad!
The future is bright and hopefully we will qualify for one of the big competi-
tions in coming years. That would be major achievement for a nation with
fewer than 300.000 inhabitants.

Source: Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson. Troeter. 2003.


At 11/5/06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent reading!

thank you.

At 29/7/08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are not bad they just need a good manager - preferably a foreign one who will choose players based entirely on their performance in the present and not the past.


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